In 1989 France celebrated the bicentennial of its revolution. It was a revolution that came after the one in America, a nation that France had at the time rescued with style. This latter fact, in turn, explains the famous « La Fayette, here we are », expressed twice during the Twentieth Century to a France in need. The bonds of friendship forged between these two countries over the years made it entirely appropriate, during this year of historic celebration, to announce in the heart of Gallic Burgundy a twinning that would link a village rich with 2000 years of history to a small city situated in the midst of an area with significant Native American connections, an area once known as « New France » and which is now called the Adirondack Region. This joining was made possible by the equal attraction which these two towns have on the members of a family that settled, during the same period, in these two places. It became apparent to an American citizen from Saranac Lake who visited his son at Entrains that the two regions had many points in common, and that this would lend itself to a host of meetings and exchanges. Among their commonalities, both regions have a wooded landscape, are well supplied, are sheltered from big-city hustle and bustle, and are populated by welcoming citizens respectful of their environment and their history. Contacts were initiated on either side, and these led to adoption on October 23, 1989 by the municipal counselors of a charter establishing a « twin city » program between the towns. Afterwards, several visits were organized for the twinning committees from the two regions, and as these trips were completed, strong bonds of friendship developed between the families. Numerous cultural events have contributed to make these exchanges all the more interesting : concerts, exhibitions, establishment of the « Maison des Adirondacks », and the culinary internships. Today, thanks to this sister city program, the thousands of Americans and Canadians who each year visit the famous Adirondack Park in upstate New York are invited to likewise come discover the Burgundy region, by means of signs placed at the entry points to Saranac Lake reading « Welcome to Saranac Lake, Little City of the Adirondacks. Sister city Entrains sur Nohain, France. The « Forte Terre » of the Gauls is definitively associated with the land of the Mohawks.

Saranac Lake
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